First awarded in 1989, the Robert C. Altman Educational Excellence Award is presented annually to an NTC faculty member who has been identified by students/peers as an outstanding educator and innovative facilitator of learning.  This award, administered by the NTC Foundation, was established by a donor to honor a former President of the Wisconsin Valley Trust Company and past member of the NTC Foundation Board of Directors.  Nominees are selected on criteria that illustrate facilitation of learning and active involvement outside the classroom. Faculty members may be nominated by any NTC employee or NTC student. The nominator is responsible for gathering and submitting nomination packet materials as outlined below.

NOTE: The person being nominated must agree to be considered for the award.

Access the nomination form here: Spring 2024 Altman Award Nomination Form

Nominee Eligibility

  • All full-time and adjunct NTC faculty members
  • Active teaching at NTC for five (5) years minimum, including present year
  • Teaching any NTC courses at any campus, business and industry site, job center, jail, virtual college, etc.
  • Individuals may receive the Altman Award only once (award recipients listed on page 2)


  • One individual will be recognized as the Altman Award recipient
  • An award and $750 for professional development expenses in the 2024-25 academic year
  • Recognition included on the Altman Award display on NTC’s Wausau Campus (NTC Foundation staff will work with faculty member to schedule a photo and develop a short bio)
  • A copy of the nomination packet/letters will be shared with awardee (nominees will also receive a copy of their nomination packet/letters)

Nomination Package

The nomination package must include items as outlined below. The nominator should collect the documents into one complete package and send it to the NTC Foundation, Room B100 or email to
by Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

  • Nomination cover page (attached): must include signature of faculty member being nominated
  • Letter of nomination: clear and concise; 500 word limit; include specific accomplishments/examples
  • Letter of support from nominee’s supervisor: clear and concise; 500 word limit; include specific accomplishments/examples [NOTE: If the nominator is the nominee’s supervisor, the letter of support from nominee’s supervisor is not required; instead, the letter of nomination will be scored during the review and counted twice in the overall calculations]
  • Letter of support from two (2) additional entities (e.g., student, alumni, advisory committee member, team member): clear and concise; 500 word limit; include specific accomplishments/examples


A panel of 3-4 NTC Foundation Board members and 1-2 previous Altman Award recipients will review nominations and forward recommendations to the NTC Foundation. Criteria listed below will be used to rate nominees; each letter within the application package will be rated separately and all ratings added together for a total score (170 total points possible).

  • Letters of Support includes letter of nomination; letter of support from nominee’s supervisor; two letters of support from two (2) additional entities. 40 maximum score per letter to address:
    • Facilitator of Learning (30 points per letter). Examples illustrating this category:
      • Enhances learning through advanced technologies
      • Utilizes innovative instructional techniques
      • Serves as a positive role model for students and staff
      • Supports caring, supportive relationships with students
      • Adapts to individual needs of students
      • Assists students with effective career direction
      • Stays current in field(s) of study
      • Exhibits adaptability to the virtual learning environment
      • Displays creativity and ingenuity in course design and use of technology
      • Responds to ever-changing student needs, concerns, and challenges to ensure success
      • Maintains positivity and encourages students
    • Active Involvement Outside Classroom (10 points per letter). Examples illustrating this category:
      • Provides leadership for student activities
      • Participates in professional growth activities
      • Participates in state and/or national leadership activities
      • Collaborates with community and business/industry partners
  • Overall Nomination Package (10 points)
  • Specific accomplishments noted
  • Clear and concise (500 words or less each letter)
  • Required documents attached
  • Timeliness of nominee’s accomplishments (within the last few years)
  • Overall quality of the nomination packet should be interesting and noteworthy

Deadline for Applications: Thursday, March 28, 2024 @ 5:00 p.m.

Deliver completed applications to the NTC Foundation (B100) or email to
If you have any questions, please contact Sheila Rossmiller at or at X1302.