February is Black History Month! We’re excited to spotlight African American musicians throughout the month. Head over to Spotify to listen to the tunes and read on for trivia and tidbits about various songs.

Villanova Junction Blues by Jimi Hendrix

Album: People, Hell & Angels (2013)

Although the mainstream career of Jimi Hendrix spanned only four years, he is widely regarded as one of the most influential electric guitarists and musicians of the 20th century. While the album was released in 2013, 43 years after the death of Jimi Hendrix, this song was performed by Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock in 1969 and is considered by some as one of his best blues numbers.

Blue in Green by Miles Davis

Album: Kind of Blue (1959)

Miles Davis was an American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and composer. He is among the most influential and acclaimed figures in the history of jazz and 20th-century music. Davis adopted a variety of musical directions in a five-decade career that kept him at the forefront of many major stylistic developments in jazz. Blue in Green is one of the most popular songs from arguably the greatest jazz album of all time.

Straight, No Chaser by Thelonious Monk

Album: Straight, No Chaser (1967)

Thelonious Monk was an American jazz pianist and composer. He had a unique improvisational style and made numerous contributions to the standard jazz repertoire. Known for a distinct look which included suits, hats, and sunglasses. He was also noted for his idiosyncratic habits during performances. Straight, No Chaser is widely hailed as one of Monk’s best studio sessions.

Tune in next week for another round of musicians and songs!