Student clubs provide you with unique opportunities to become engaged on campus and within the community. NTC student clubs are known for their social events, community service and partnerships with future employers. If you’re passionate about a particular subject, career field or interest, consider forming a new club. With thoughtful consideration, careful planning and dedicated time, you can create a community of individuals working for the same goals.

Determine the club’s purpose

  • What will the club do?
  • What is the club’s mission?
  • How is it similar to and/or different from existing campus clubs?
  • Who is the target audience for membership?
  • What will members gain by becoming a part of the club?
  • How will you explain the student club to others?

Identify an advisor

  • Clubs must have at least one advisor; however, many clubs find it advantageous to have multiple.
  • Advisors must be current employees of NTC.
  • Consider asking current teachers of their interest or for referrals to other employees they think may have an interest.
  • If you’re having trouble finding an advisor, Student Life can assist by making recommendations.

Recruit potential members

  • Potential clubs must have at least four students to be considered for official club status.
  • Talk with classmates to gain interest.
  • Work with Student Life to help promote via tabling, weekly student email, etc.

Submit club paperwork

  • Develop a club constitution which will outlining your club name, mission, membership eligibility, officers and duties, etc. Upon request Student Life can provide sample constitutions for guidance.
  • Complete a club Plan of Action (MS Word version) which identifies current club goals, anticipated meeting schedule and club roster.
  • Submit both of these items together (or individually) to for review.
  • Make updates as advised by Student Life.

You’re a club! Now what?

Once you’ve completed each of the aforementioned steps, you’ll receive approval from Student Life as an officially recognized club. We’ll then provide a club officer/advisor orientation to guide you through club policies and practices. You’ll find the Student Club Handbook to be a great resource. Note the following;

  • At the beginning of each semester Student Life hosts a club/advisor orientation. Clubs in attendance receive $100 seed funding.
  • Clubs can earn an additional $100 funding each semester by participating in specific Student Life events.
  • Clubs must attend/host at least two events per semester. An event may include, but is not limited to social events, community service, field trips, fundraisers and leadership development activities.
  • Clubs must meet at least once monthly with an attendance sheet turned in to Student Life.
  • Check out the Club Resources page for more helpful items related to running a student club.