NTC is excited to offer three competitive esports teams including Overwatch, Rocket League and Smash Bros. If you aspire to play on one of NTC Esports varsity teams or you’re a fan who seeks more information, please visit https://esports.ntc.edu/.

In addition to our varsity teams, students are able to use our state-of-the-art NTC Esports Arena (adjacent to the Campus Cafe at the Wausau campus) as well as gaming PCs located at the Antigo, Medford and Phillips campuses. Any time campus is open, the arena is open for use. Please note there are times the arena will be closed for varsity practices, competitions and other esports events.

To use the arena or gaming PCs:

  • Have a current NTC student ID.
  • Complete the online 2022-2033 NTC Esports Arena Student Agreement
  • Once the online form is complete, a confirmation email will be sent.
  • Present the confirmation email and your current NTC student ID to staff in The Den (Wausau campus) or the front desk (regional campuses in Antigo, Medford and Phillips) to receive an arena sticker for access.
  • Be prepared to present your student ID with sticker upon accessing the arena.