Get a leg up on the competition for scholarships, transferring and your dream job. Your college classes are only part of your education. Soft skills – such as communication, professional etiquette, team building and critical thinking – are just as important and can give you an advantage over others.

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Instructional Videos

Experts teach you how to enhance your critical thinking, complete scholarship applications, apply professional etiquette, overcome speech anxiety and more.

Soft Skills Activities

Employers are seeking students and graduates who are proficient in their field and who have a strong grasp of soft skills including social graces, communication, friendliness, and relationship building. Individually or with your chapter, complete activities to strengthen these skills.

Online Portfolio

Use this central, online location to outline your leadership and service experience; highlight your awards/honors; post photos/videos of accomplishments. Then share your portfolio with individuals writing letters of recommendation, potential employers, scholarship providers, college admissions officials and more.

Professional Resume

Receive guidance and step-by-step instructions for creating your professional resume.

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