How do I become a member?

  • Complete at least 12 college credits. This can be in one semester or across multiple.
  • Achieve a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA.
  • Watch for your invitation letter (and email) during the next recruitment period (mid-February, early June, mid-September).
  • Follow the instructions in the invitation and pay the one-time $65 membership fee.

What happens if I cannot afford the $65 membership fee?

Beta Rho Zeta in collaboration with the NTC Foundation established the Phi Theta Kappa Membership Fund Scholarship which assists students in financial hardships. This scholarship is through an application process and a few students are selected each recruitment period. Those students who plan to be active within Beta Rho Zeta are favored in the selection process. For more information, please contact advisor Krista Reince at

What is the time commitment?

The beauty of PTK is YOU get to decide how involved you want to be. Some students accept membership solely for the recognition of their academic excellence. And that’s 100% okay!

While PTK members are not required to be active and make a specific time commitment, it is the active members who truly receive the greatest benefits. Active members have the opportunity to

  • Attend regional, state and national leadership functions,
  • Build their resumes through participation in college and community service, and
  • Be strong candidates for scholarships.

What scholarships are available?

Each year Phi Theta Kappa awards approximately $1 million in scholarships plus an additional $245 million available through transfer partner scholarships. Some scholarships are awarded to students completing their two-year degree, while other transfer scholarships are available to those intending to pursue a four-year college degree. There are also scholarships for students entering the workforce! Learn more about scholarships at

Active members of NTC’s chapter have an additional opportunity to receive the Beta Rho Zeta Pillars of Honor Scholarship. The $500 scholarship is awarded each spring semester for use in the following fall semester at NTC. It can be applied toward tuition and books.

How can I be active as a member?

At NTC, we encourage students to participate in our chapter events and/or join in via the student leadership team (aka the inner circle). Many of our events and meetings are offered in a hybrid format where students can participate at our Wausau campus or from anywhere in the world! Active students leave a lasting mark at the college and within the community. They increase leadership skills, grow their ability to work as a team, build a network within the college/community, and have a lot of experience to add to their resume and future job interviews.

In addition to the leadership team, we offer monthly membership meetings, one to two service projects a semester, and one to two fellowship/social events each semester. These are open to all our student members, and students can attend as many as they desire. (There is no minimum attendance requirement. It’s up to each individual student to determine the experience they want to have.)

What if I would like to travel or attend conferences but cannot afford it?

The chapter funds all travel to PTK functions including; transportation, lodging and food. Members are responsible for any incidentals during off-campus PTK sanctioned events. Those members who are chapter officers or leaders within the chapter often get priority to travel.

Do honor societies only focus on grades and academics? Will I have fun?

As an honor society, the organization does encourage and recognize academic success. However, the organization also values leadership development, community service and fellowship opportunities. If you choose to become active in PTK/BRZ, you can expect to have opportunities to make new friends, develop your leadership skills, travel, work as part of a team, and participate in projects that can make a positive impact in the lives of others. This honor society offers something for everyone!