To make the most of your membership, it’s helpful to know a bit about Phi Theta Kappa as an organization.

PTK Headquarters

First, there’s the overall Phi Theta Kappa. This international organization recognizes you for your academic achievement and then offers opportunities for you to grow in your leadership, if desired. Through, you can explore online, self-paced courses you can take anytime (even after graduation) to enhance your employment skills, soft skills, leadership, and more. These are included with membership and you now have access for life. It’s a tremendous value!

Wisconsin Region

Next, the overall organization is broken down into regions. We’re a part of the Wisconsin Region. Meaning our college chapter interacts with fellow chapters from throughout the state. The Region hosts annual in-person conferences in fall and spring as well as virtual summer sessions. Members can even continue to participate with the region as alumni!

Beta Rho Zeta at NTC

Finally, we have our individual chapter which is housed at the college level. Our chapter is Beta Rho Zeta (BRZ). We offer a variety of events and opportunities throughout the school year for students to grow in leadership, fellowship (aka getting to know other people), and service. Students can be as involved or uninvolved with our chapter as they like. And that can vary over the course of a student’s time enrolled in classes. For instance, some students have a really busy fall semester so aren’t as active during that time. Then, as spring opens up they participate in more when their schedule allows. It’s very flexible that way!

Once you’ve accepted your membership through, remember to also accept your email invitation to join our BRZ Canvas shell. Check the announcements for news and upcoming opportunities!

Check out the list of upcoming events.