Leadership, fellowship, scholarship, and service are the four hallmarks of PTK. They are central to the organization’s mission and to our chapter. Beta Rho Zeta participates in annual projects engaging in each of these pillars. Participating allows our chapter to maintain 5-Star Chapter Status, the highest designation for any PTK chapter and create opportunities for our participants to submit for regional and state recognitions!

Check out the details below and then contact advisor Krista Reince at reince@ntc.edu to join this year’s team.

Honors in Action

Honors in Action encourages members to have an impact on our campus and within our community. Using a biannual honors study guide, we identify issues confronting humanity and consider ideas from different perspectives. Then we test or apply what we’ve learned in a real-world environment. Finally, we reflect on the outcomes of the project through a written Hallmark submitted to PTK Headquarters for evaluation and judging. Participants enjoy the camaraderie formed with fellow committee members. Additionally, they have unique responses to share during employment interviews as it relates to time management and organization, teamwork, leadership abilities, and community service.

Recent HIA Projects:

  • 2023 – Game Over? Examining the Benefits of Video Game Use for Adolescents as a Coping Tool (submitted for judging, results anticipated mid-April 2024)
  • 2022 – Adding Play Into Your Day for the Transitioning High School to College Student, 3rd Place Region, 1st Place Theme
  • 2021 – Making a Better Tomorrow for the Afghan Refugees, 3rd Place Region, 1st Place Theme

College Project

College Project allows members to form positive relationships with college administration while addressing a need to benefit the Timberwolves community. Participants meet with a member of administration – college president, vice president, etc. – to discuss potential challenges, brainstorm solutions, create a plan, and implement. Through multiple meetings, students keep administration updated on the progress and outcome of the project. Upon completion, members also submit a written Hallmark reflection to PTK Headquarters for evaluation and judging. Participants share they appreciate the opportunity to connect with college leadership and building stronger bonds with one another as they address the project. Like HIA, they also gain valuable experience to share during job interviews including leadership skills, project management and organization, teamwork abilities, and giving back to something greater to themselves.

Recent CP Projects:

  • 2023 – Creating Connections to Combat Loneliness (submitted for judging, results anticipated mid-April 2024)
  • 2022 – Re-engaging Students with PTK, 4th Place Region
  • 2021 – Timberwolf Table: Feeding Student Success, 2nd Place Region