Your NTC Student ID badge is your official college identification. It is recognized as a valid form of ID and can be used for voter registration purposes.

Why do I need it?

Use your Student ID to access:

Where/when can I obtain one?

Visit The Den or your preferred regional campus with your current class schedule and a form of photo identification (e.g. previous student ID, driver’s license, passport, etc.). At the Wausau campus, your ID will be ready in about two minutes. Regional campus processing is typically five to seven days.

  • Fall IDs: available August 1
  • Spring IDs: available first business Monday in January
  • Summer IDs: available June 1

Do I get an ID as a Virtual College student?

We are pleased to offer our Virtual College students who are unable to visit one of our campuses the opportunity to receive their own student ID. To obtain your NTC student ID, email your request to The request must come from your NTC student e-mail account as this allows us to trust the identity of the individual making the request. In the e-mail, provide:

  • First and last name
  • NTC student ID number
  • Last four digits of your social security number (for verification purposes)
  • An attached photograph of a headshot against a plain background. Please remove any hats.

Once received and enrollment is verified, Student Life will create your ID and mail to your address on file in PeopleSoft. Please note these student ID’s are not valid for voter ID.

Why does my ID have a sticker?

Wausau and regional campus student IDs have a semester sticker identifying current semester of enrollment. Each semester, stop by The Den or your regional campus to get a new “semester sticker” identifying your status as a current student. Be sure to bring your current semester schedule. Virtual College IDs do not need the semester sticker.

Does my ID expire?

Students IDs are typically good for two years. You’ll notice an expiration date at the bottom of it. If your ID is expired, bring it to The Den or your regional campus (with a copy of your current schedule) to have a new one created at no charge.

What if my ID is lost?

Misplaced cards can be replaced for $10.

Can I receive discounts with my student ID?

In addition to the benefits listed above, as a student you can access discounted services and products.*Please note discount programs are offered as a service by Northcentral Technical College. NTC does not assume responsibility in helping with your choice, supporting these products or servicing them.