The members of the Timberwolf Productions Club wanted to find a way to connect Video Production and Graphic Communications students in a fun exchange of talent and expertise that challenged them to exercise their design skills and learn about screen printing processes. Club members developed ideas and designs for screen prints and then voted on their favorites to be printed. Club President and Graphic Communications student, Emily Sniadajewski, guided 1st and 3rd semester club members through the process of printing films, burning screens, spraying/prepping screens for printing, aligning test prints, applying ink (and adjusting for inconsistencies) and finally heat setting the ink onto shirts and sweatshirts that the students were proud to take home with them. All members agreed that it was fun to learn a new creative process and were surprised to see how detailed (and sometimes complicated) screen printing can be.

Catch a glimpse of the process and look at the final product in the pictures below!